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Maria Perez Avilez, Esq.
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Las Vegas, Nevada 89101
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Our staff does not provide free advice and assistance

Free Advice & Assistance

Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada:

Avilez Law regularly refers clients to attend the free educational courses provided by Legal Aid Center of Southern Nevada. Class attendance is the first step that must be taken to qualify for possible placement with a probono attorney. Even if you do not qualify for Pro Bono Placement, the educational courses are a wonderful overview about various topics of law. Classes are taught in both English and Spanish.

Nevada Legal Services:


Avilez Law occasionally refers clients NLS to obtain legal advise about government benefits, work related problems, housing problems, immigration, health care, and Indian law.

Family Law Self Help Center:


People of all socio-economic backgrounds have family law issues. The Self Help Center, housed at Family Court House on Pecos and Bonanza, has a wealth of legal forms that are designed to allow anyone to file paperwork with the court when they are unable to hire an attorney. The Self Help Center has "packets" with legal forms for a mere $3.00 per packet. The forms are also available online without charge.

Civil Law Resource Center

Regional Justice Center houses assistance to self-represented individuals with civil law cases in Justice and District Courts. 

702- 455-1500


Coordinated by the Family Law Self Help Center, Ask-A-Lawyer is free service that allows people to speak one-on-one confidentially with an attorney for 15 minutes at the Family Courthouse. To use this service, you must go to the Family Courthouse on a Thursday morning, sign up, then return that afternoon for the one-on-one 15 minute free consultation. The best use of the attorney's time is bring your self-help center packet completed to the best of your ability.  You may ask the attorney to review the documents and give you suggestions on errors or omission on your documents.  

Public Defender/ Conflict Attorneys

Avilez Law regularly speaks with friends and family of those with criminal charges and/or civil abuse and neglect cases.  Criminal defendants who financially qualify are eligible to be appointed a Public Defender, at no charge.  In the event that there are multiple criminal defendants on a case, the Court is able to appoint "Conflict Attorneys" to represent criminal defendants, also at no charge.  A criminal defendant does not have the discretion to change public defenders or conflict attorneys.  Information is provided directly to criminal defendants while in court.